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Malfunction of body liquids



I am a chinese medicine student and I would like to consult with you. My mate has a problem of sweating, but he sweats only after he drinks something. The sweat is not oily but more watery, and it occurs right after he drinks (there is no difference between day or night in matter of sweating). He said that it happens to him since he remembers himself, and when you look at the tongue you can see deep cracks and horizontal, no cover, and the tongue is red. In addition, he is 26 years old and loosing his hair (there's no evidence for that in the family). He has a problem dealing with stress, and has a heart defect (it cause him stress to know about it more so he doesn't ask the doctor about that). He is Italian so 90% of his nutrition is pasta and its various forms. Which acupuncture points would you recommend me to work with and in which technique? Would you recommend me at all to treat him? He said that he wants to be treated only by me because he can not trust no one. Which nutrition and herbs/formulas would you recommend in this situation? I know that in order to diagnose someone you should look at him and question him but I really want to help him because this problem is causing him more problems... He also gained weight in last 6 years and has great hunger, maybe stomach fire.

Thank you so much.


It sounds generally like Kidney Yin Deficiency - that fits with all his symptoms. The hair loss is usually thyroid/stress related which in loose Chinese terms is often KD yin deficiency. Do you know if this happens with all drinks or just alcohol or with just cold drinks. Does he have a preference towards warm or cold drinks? If it is with alcohol, this is a common response and if it is with cool/cold drinks this is also somewhat common - it simply has to do with body temperature.

As far as whether or not you should treat him. I cannot really answer that. In the states without a license you would technically be practicing medicine without a license - a grave offense. And even though he is a friend, if something went wrong with the treatment you wouldn't have a leg, legally, to stand on. As a student you are not a licensed practitioner - so unless you would be seeing him in your clinic w/faculty supervision I probably wouldn't. Technically his symptoms are not life threatening so while there are any number of professionals he could go see (and trust is not really an issue there - but fear is), you could probably treat this just fine.

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