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male health issues

HI there , this is a great site , the best information ive found so far
in my search to learn ,

my healing journey has been a tough long road and
found western treatment and drugs completely in effective

ive had several sessions with a traditional acu therapy healer
her knowledge was very extensive ,

but im trying to train myself and learn how to heal my issues

my main issues is chronic penis and groin area pain,
my right kidney is not well and gets hot alot,
i have terrible tinnititus that is gettng very loud

The best person to ask these questions of is the practitioner that you’ve already seen who is more deeply familiar with your history and current issues. Everything in Chinese Medicine needs to be tailored and ultimately self-treatment (even from a highly trained practitioner) is not a substitute for treatment by a practitioner. The tailoring process is explained in general terms in “[](treating the cause vs. the symptoms)”.

What you can do yourself, with your practitioners guidance is work on tailored lifestyle and diet changes that will ultimately yield much benefit in most cases.

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