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Male disorders


Submitted By: pejo_mstd


I am a student of TCM acupuncture in Sweden. In our education we are to write a paper. My contribution will be about male disorders. I found some information around the net. At Peter Deadmans site I found an article about erictile dysfunction that was quite good. But I also found som other important problems that I would like to cower, but not really so much information. I would like to know if I can get som tip on information or articles also about:

- Male infertility

- chronic prostatitis (pelvic pain syndrome)

- Benign prostatic Hypertrophy.

Any other suggestion what I could cower?


Peter Johansson


There are certainly a range of male conditions treated within Chinese Medicine. Your list is a good start and I'll try to give you some information to get you started.

Male Infertility is very often related to the Kidney system (usually either yang or jing deficiency). My Kidney patterns page will give you the basic TCM information on that subject. Outside of the Kidney system, the Liver system is often involved as well. The main benefit to Chinese Medicine is that there are no strongly defined treatment protocols. In other words, regardless of what you are trying to treat a full pattern differentation must be arrived at by looking at the full range of signs and symptoms, tongue, pulse, etc. By using a broad range of diagnostic criteria you are more likely to create a balanced treatment for the individual instead of relying on a point to condition type protocol which may lead to inferior results.

For prostatitis, we often use the huatuo points of T7 (Spleen, Abdominal Blood Vessel), L1 (Adrenal Gland, Testis), L2 (Kidney), L3 (Prostate), along with points such as T1, T2, T3 (bone marrow, thymus, lung/lymph respectively - together to strengthen the immune system), SP 6, and CV 4. This may be in addition to other TCM points related to their overall pattern. These points come from the Tam Healing System which I primarily focus on.

For general prostate problems the main points above would be used, T7, L1, L2, L3, along with the huatuo of S3, CV 4, C1, SP 9, SP 6, GV 22 and other points related to an overall pattern.


Thank's Chad.

Yes I know to look for the individual pattern. I will try to write about what is commonly encontered and suggestions how to treat it. Not a standardized protocol, more an overview what ther is to look for. then there are always those who differ from the common patterns.

### Peter Johansson

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