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Malabsorption, etc


Hello Friends, Next week I will turn 60. Although I have given up ice cream and changed to a very healthy diet & supplements, my health has suffered. For the past 8 yrs., no doctor could make a diagnosis because all of my labs were within "normal" range. Unfortunately, things have gotten worse so now they're showing up on test results. Recently, tests show: small intestines fatty acids malabsorption; pre-diabetes; osteopenia with progressive bone loss (including gingivitis of gums and teeth loosening); bladder urine retention; abdominal spasms with constipation & green or yellow stools; digestive burping, gas, stomach gets full quickly, pressure with rising heat to face, loss of appetite and unintentional weight loss; probable hypothyroidism with a LOW Free T3 score of 2.2 (TSH & T4 scores "normal"); non-stop itching on skin of left side, mid-back (no rash); non-stop spasms in feet and calves; heart arrythmias/palpitations and pre-mature "skipped" ventricular beats; large prominent veins in arms and varicose veins in legs; extreme fatigue causing problems with daily functioning and lack of lung energy to continue my singing career; fingernails, once so hard, now are soft, peeling and have raised ridges with vertical black lines; skin, once soft and smooth, now shriveled and dry with brown rough patches on inner arms and inner thighs and knees; complete loss of body hair under arms and on legs with thinning of eyebrows and on head (male pattern); blood pressure - always perfect but in May and June, pressure went too low - dizzy, disoriented; 90-minute "cold episodes"; skin spots everywhere: cherry angiomas-red spots, brown spots and "liver" spots; easily frustrated & distractable; difficulty completing tasks; irritable; emotionally stressed, anxious, easily overwhelmed; highly sensitive to odors and sound; lots of unresolved trauma; fear & anxiety

Doctor's Diagnosis: "Celiac Disease" & "Post-traumatic Stress Disorder"

My thinking is that if I can't absorb nutrients then how can I survive?

Dear Friends, I'd appreciate your feedback, from a Chinese Medicine (or Homeopathy) perspective, as to what you think might be going on and what remedies might help me to get back into balance.

Many thanks,


Celiac disease is self immue system disease, and also is a kind of food allergy disease, In TCM is Spleen problem, or Spleen cold and deficiency, so treatment proposal is tonify spleen and sooth liver Qi, points: St36, 25, Sp15, Kd 6, Lv3, Li4, Sj6, Pc6, Li11..., fornula: Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan+Da Huang(for constipation), Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan.


l&#39d hate to make things sound too simple,but sometimes that is exactly what we should do.

First of all if you believe that your body was built with it&#39s own healing system (wich you should because it&#39s true!) Then the healing can begin from within.Almost all of your symptoms sound like they have a definate mind/body connection.Meaning they have lost connection.And please don&#39t think that I am saying this is all in your head, because it&#39s not.Your body is giving you clues to the puzzle that will bring it all back to balance.

Start with getting your body to sleep properly.It is only in deep sleep that we can actually heal.Use some of the deep relaxation points DU20, Shi shen cong,Earshenmen,HT7,HT3,P6,UB62.Self massage(acupressure) especially before bed will help.Start at your head and don&#39t forget your feet.

The second step would be to get your Stomach energy back into balance.Over 70% of our immunity/Healing system is in our gut.I would start with a good probiotic to help balance the good and bad bacteria.Then add some digestive enzymes with every meal.Some great points to use would be ST44,ST36,SP6,LI11,LI10,ST25,REN12.Also most people that are in this state(you don&#39t mention if it applies to you) do a lot of thinking and focusing on the symptoms(I know it&#39s hard not to) But when you do this you actually cause the stomach acid in your stomach to decrease which then means that your body cannot break down or even use the supplements that you are taking.And then you end up having more symptoms including heartburn which in this case would be another sign your body is giving you that you are low in stomach acid.If this is the case sometimes you need to add hydrochloric acid to your daily supplements.

Meditation and deep breathing excersises are also great at bringing the strength back to the body so that it can heal itself.Concentrate on the stregth of the body and mind and not on the weakness.Keep it simple.Think positive and positive and positive will follow

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