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Lymphoma related hip pain


I am treating a patient with hip pain related to a lymphoma lesion. Does anyone know of an effective acupuncture protocol for the pain in addition to boosting her immune system?


As with any condition you need to first clarify your initial diagnosis overall for the patient. So what is your patients overall diagnosis? And what have you tried and why do you feel you are not getting the results you want (i.e. what&#39s missing from your treatment in your opinion). Then we can go from there.


for stop pain use Li4, Lv3, Sp21, Ren15 and ashi points.

for immune system use Li10 and Li11


I couldn&#39t disagree more. As I stated earlier you absolutely have to have some kind of diagnosis before you start treating someone. Yes you would use local points for the hip... but what if the patient is incredibly yin deficient for example - would you really use LV 3 and LI 4 on them? - no, as it would very likely make them worse. These kind of general point prescriptions can be very harmful to the patient and deny the entire theory and flexibility inherent within Chinese Medicine. Let&#39s start with getting a clear diagnosis and then we can offer relevant points - not just general combinations that may do more harm than good...


Lv3 is liver meridian, women is belong to liver and blood in TCM, Lv3 can sooth liver Qi and also move liver blood, because qi move, the blood will move, Li4 is specialy for move Qi of body, so Lv3+Li4 can move blood and qi of whole body. If the patient feel pain, that mean blood stagnate or Qi not sooth, so that is why Lv3+Li4 is usually for stop pain in TCM.


I know the function of those points and your reasoning is sound. My only point is that you know nothing about the patient so offering point prescriptions is not the most helpful thing initially. Would you just treat someone without asking them any questions or listening to anything they have to say other than I have hip pain? Of course not. Questions in the forum are no different. Practitioners are often looking for magical point prescriptions but they need to work through the case and understand the theory they are working with first. Then perhaps some new ideas can be brought to light that they hadn&#39t thought of - and this could be different ways of looking at the diagnosis overall or different point prescriptions.

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