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Lymph cleansing during yeast detox


Hi Chad-

Slowly but I surely between qigong and TR and meditation I am getting well from CFS and a tough 15 yr infestation of candidiasis. At times I think I have this conquered and it only comes back esp. if I mess with my diet. I had been doing quite regular qigong and TR for about 3 months (and unfortunately had not significantly shifted diet) when it seems my immune system really kicked in and probably over the past 3 weeks, with better diet I have been going through massive detoxes. Losing weight which I need as well. I have been doing some Chi Gong hand healing on visualizing of different places on my body and that seems to help.

Besides stretching, walking, good diet, perhaps some bodywork or acupuncture if I could afford it...

1. How often is it reasonable to do TR (ESP on immune pts). during this detox? I want to keep this going but not overload.

2. Are there points on the doll to assist lymphatic channels/reflex areas staying open...I do some self massage?

Thanks, Chad



I'm glad to hear that you are getting healthier! It can be a difficult road, but if people take a more active role in their own healing as you have done the results will come.

To answer your questions, daily Tong Ren is fine, even a few times a week is probably sufficient. Any more than once a day, however, is too much. With regard to the lymph system, you are already using T3 which is the huatuo point for the lung and lymph in our system. Focusing on T3, then, will help lymph and immune system in the body.

There are lymphatic drainage massage techniques, but those are best done by professionals who have been trained in those methods rather than as self treatments. If you feel it would be helpful you can call some massage therapists in your area and find someone trained in those techniques.

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