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Lyme disease


Greetings everyone.

I have a client who is just starting IV antibiotics for Lyme Disease. She has had it for 9 years or so, misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia so it seems. While I am tapping the pattern of blockages and have set up Tong Ren with laser and map pins, I ask if there is anything more I can add.




No, that should be fine. As you are a bodyworker you could add the same points with deep tissue style techniques to further facilitate the healing. Just for reference the points for Lyme Disease are as follows:

<ul><li>T1, T2, T3 for the immune system (bone marrow, thymus gland, lung/lymph system respectively)</li><li>GB 20 and KD 26</li><li>T7 for the blood, GV 20, UB 9, LI 11, ST 36</li></ul>

From a bodywork perspective you would place the majority of the focus on the huatuo points of T1, T2, T3, and T7.


Thank you for confirming. I do have these points. May I ask is K 26 for the thymus in Tong Ren protocol?

Will enjoy working on her next week.



You should read the Tong Ren Therapy treatment protocol for Lyme Disease. As you are using shiatsu the main areas to open are the huatuo points at T1, T2, T3 and T7 along with the other points listed above. You would also add local treatment for any acute issues.


for immune system use St, Sp and Li meridains points, such as: St36, Sp10, Li11, and Ub13-21.

for Joints and bones: use Gb34, 39 and Ub11&23.


People with Lyme display FEVER like symptoms, and viral heat symptoms... therefore, CLEAR HEAT, and often drain damp. Opening the shaoyang is a good idea: sj5 + gb41. Also, liver5, or other liver ch points are helpful such as Liv13 or 14, and good ol&#39 liver3. Du9, ub18, 19, 20.

Herbs such as huang bai, huang lian, and huang qin with either zhi zi or da huang (if constipation is part of the presentation) are also of use.


Great. Thank you all for the advice. I did treat her yesterday night and she felt already much better. Stomach meridian needed attention that was for sure. Liver and gallbladder were very stiff. thank you again.


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