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Lyme and CHF &TCM options


i am grtateful that i can post this question and might get a help.
I have chr.fatigue, probably CHF also, lyme disease, guten and other food sensitivities, IBS according to western med.
my acupunturist concluded that i have a high level of yin deficiency.i was given shi quan da bu wan to take 3x8 daily and i go for acupunture 2x weekly.i have so many symptoms:general weakness, muscle pain, weakness, low blood pressure, fainting feeling, terrible heat intolerance i always feel hot in my head and chest, but i have cold limbs(little circulation in feets, hands).palitations, shortness of breath when palpitations occur, lots of active infections(herppes, borrelia etc).
so I am searching for information what else i can help myself to improve the yin deficiency and reduce the heart symptoms and heat intolerance still…
if you have any idea i would be very happy. thank you!

How many acupuncture treatments have you had and how long have you been on the herbs and what effects, if any, have happened?

Yesterday i completed the 8th session of acupu far i took 3-4 bottles(200 pills each) of the sdashi quan da bu wan.
I have been taking buhnerherbs (japanese knotweed, andrographis, cats claw, gou teng mostly) since 5.5 months(apr2019).i stopped them for 1.5 weeks but then all neurological symptoms reoccurred so started t take them again in paralel with acupuncture.
For heart symptoms…im trying lot of thinhs: q10, mg, motherwort tincture, salvia miltiorrhiza, carnitin, ginko biloba…etc
But have not found the solution yet. Thank you!

Forgot to add.with buhner herbs some of my symptoms improved.e.g .i can sleep better, insomnia was reduced, brain fog disappeared, vertigo didnt occur whilei am on the herbs

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