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Lupus and kidney disease


Where can I get Chinese herbs


The problem isn’t getting Chinese herbs but what herbal formulas to use for such complicated conditions. You should not even remotely attempt self treatment with serious medical issues such as kidney disease (or lupus for that matter). I strongly recommend you find a practitioner in your area and receive proper diagnosis and treatment.

Lupus is an auto-immune condition which many times comes from the Kidney Yin Deficiency diagnosis from Chinese Medicine (but there are many other possible diagnosis). And, note, that the “kidney” referred to here is not the physical kidneys, but the kidney system in Chinese terms (see “My Kidneys are What?”).

For kidney disease you have to first ascertain the causes (of which there are many) and begin dealing with those (diabetes, hypertension, etc.).

In short, to deal with this range of issues you have to understand how they are related and what the deeper causes are and that is what you treat with Chinese Medicine (see “treating the causes not the symptoms”).

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