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Lung K, COPD, Emphysema together


I have a patient with diagnosed small cell cacinoma which had been treated with chemoTx. The following time she has CODP and Emphysema. Also she on permanent O2 Tx.

The tongue is bright red, no coating and toothmarks

Her pulse is floating, little wiry and weak in all position.

Give me some idea about medical acupuncture using Lung distinct meridian if you have and experience.


Within the Tam Healing System that I utilize, I would use the majority of the following points with the possible addition of TCM or other system points as appropriate.

We heavily utilize the huatuo points on the spine as well as some not often used points in the scalp and neck regions, among other techniques. For this mix of symptoms I would do:

<ul><li>The huatuo of T1, T2, T3 (immune system and lungs - bone marrow, thymus gland, lung/lymph system respectively).</li><li>Huatuo of T6 (diaphragm)</li><li>GV 17 (medulla area - breathing and vasomotor functions)</li><li>UB 9 (cerebellum area - skilled movements, muscular control)</li><li>CV 17, LU 9, KD 25, KD 26, ST 36, as appropriate</li></ul>


Dear Chad J. Dupuis,

Before yesterday, I used the distict meridian of the lung with LI 15, LU 1, and LI 18 to stimulate the pulmonary functions, both sides.

I still wait for the expected results.

Thanks for your advice.

Trully Yours,


Dear Chad J. Dupuis,

After three days, she showed up and appreciated about the effects of the last Tx, she went out and stayed in her back yard in 2-3 hours. That was the 2nd time she could after several years.

I also performed the 2nd same treatment and waited for the next visit.

In addition to DM Tx, I am going to apply the one you've told me

Thank you and i will inform you what happen.

Tran Nguyen LAc of Texas.

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