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Lung Health diagnosis


I read in a study book " Lungs shows there health on the body hair " can I know how to diagnosis the skin according to lung health ? thank you


To start with when you talk about the “lungs” in Chinese Medicine you are talking about the lung system - which is only marginally related to the physical lungs. For general information on this, please read “My lungs are what?”.

If you look, for example, on our five element correspondences page you see that the lung “system” has correlations to the skin - among others.

In short, what this means that you could seem blemishes on the skin to indicate problems with the “lung system” but those problems may have nothing to do whatsoever with the lungs.


Thank you for your answer , I read both articles " My Lung are what ? " & " five element correspondences" .
But The question is steel there what we can notice on body skin or skin hair to notice ones Lung system heath ? please explain with example if possible (i.e. what can be noticed on skin/skin hair for Lung yin excess or deficient )


The following are generalized examples and you should keep in mind that there can be other causes and factors in any individual situation. With that said, lung dryness may result in dry skin and thinning or brittle hair. Very pale/white skin might reflect lung qi deficiency. Manifestations of red, itchy, rash-like patches on the skin may reflect lung damp heat. Also keep in mind that looking at the skin alone is insufficient to formulate a proper diagnosis. You need to look at all the signs and symptoms.


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