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LSE inducing kidney nephrosis


I am doing acupuncture on myself 3x/weeks for LSE. I started only 1 year ago and have it since childhood with proteinuria. Constant bubbling urine, pain in kidney. Tongue coat white and greasy pretty much all over. Kidneys area always white. Liver Qi stagnation disrupting lungs. Acute asthma in 2001, now in control. Tight chest, breathing constriction from tightness in chest. Skin pimples on and off once in a while for 2 to 3 months before healing always on face since childhood. I’ve been treating with acupuncture and now about to take “bai Hua she she cao” for kidney yang deficiency, but I see that nephrosis is kidney yin deficiency. Could you please tell me if I keep treating for kidney yang or yin deficiency?
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You treat what your diagnosis is in Chinese Medicine terms, not what you think it should be based on your Western symptoms.


What I can’t figure out is that LSE is linked with yang deficiency, which is what I have been treating, and glomerulonephritis with yin deficiency. Is it a points combination most effective? I’d like to know if the kidneys filters can eventually heal ?


Neither of those are explicitly linked with kidney yin or yang deficiency, that’s the whole point. The entire value of the Chinese Medicine diagnostic system is to treat the person as an individual not trying to guess what might be causing a particular western condition - doing that will lead to very poor outcomes. This is largely spelled out in “treating the cause and not the symptoms” - which I suggest you read thoroughly.

In essence you completely forget the western conditions when you are performing a Chinese Medicine evaluation and only try to factor them in one you better understand the persons root imbalances.


I’d recommend that you go to another practitioner. Self treatment with acupuncture is really unlikely to yield the same results that you would expect from going to a fully trained practitioner. I would suggest seeing someone at least once just to get a second opinion if nothing else.


I am getting confused. I thought that glomerulonephritis was caused by SLE. Here is what I read on the site for underlying causes of SLE :

The following patterns may represent the underlying contributing factors for the development of systemic lupus erythematosus (sle):
Liver Qi Stagnation
Heart Qi Deficiency
Heart Blood Deficiency
Heart Yin Deficiency
Lung Qi Deficiency
Lung Yin Deficiency
Spleen Qi Deficiency
Spleen Yang Deficiency
Stomach Yin Deficiency
Kidney Yang Deficiency
Stomach Qi Deficiency


I totally agree with you, Stephen. If I could, I’d see one every single day
until this condition fades away. Just tight financially right now.


So that list, first, is just some common possibilities of underlying diagnosis for SLE (not all) and kidney yin deficiency is only listed as one possibility of the eleven possible patterns listed there. The treatment would be based on what pattern the patient has when all of their medical history and diagnostic signs is taken into account.


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