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Lower back pain in pregnancy



I have a new patient who is pregnant (just started 3rd timester), and has had acute pain on the tip of her coccyx for the last 3 weeks. It came on suddenly when climbing out the back of a car. Its worse for sitting for any length of time, with shooting pain up her spine on getting up (to about Du4). I saw her last week and tried to clear through BL channel with BL10 and BL40, and opened up the Du Mai, but as a new pracitioner (and her being a new patient) I wanted to go easy, and obviously avoid local points / contra-indicated points.

The problem is that she is getting quite stressed about having to change her birthing plan if this is not sorted out soon.....I am seeing her again next week and would really appreciate any helpful suggestions as I am feeling a little out of my depth and really want to help her!

Many thanks,



You may want to read my treatment section on 3rd trimester pregnancy issues and protocols. which has a section on low back pain/sciatica (and another link to our main low back pain section which will give you other treatment ideas). The only thing not in those notes that we often do is strong tuina in the upper and mid back particularly around T7 and lighter tuina in the low back.

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