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Low vitamin D levels


last week i have conducted Vitamin D test and i was really surprised to see my result.

It was 4.81 ng/ml. Knowing the fact that Active form of Vitamin D is synthesized by kidneys.

Are these low levels of Vitamin D related with Kidney Deficiency?.I am also suffering from Hypothyroidism.How can i increase my Vitamin D levels and can overcome hypothyroidism?


Vitamin D can help body absorb calcium, lack of Vd will cause rickets. But it is different from TCM kidney deficiency meaning. In TCM, kidney is suport the essent to strong bones, but in western medicine, the phosphorus and calcium metabolic disorders will effect part of the bone growth, and kidney function is normal in this condtion, no any relate to TCM kidney deficinecy. I recommond you take Vitamin D tablets for you to suport Body Vd(but not too much) and have some sun light shower at daytime.


As Feng pointed out the correlations between the physical organs in western terms and the name of the meridian systems in Chinese Medicine are often not as strong as we would assume. To answer your question specifically, though, yes hypothyroid and nocturnal emissions, among other signs, are good indicators of Kidney Yang Deficiency.


The symdrones of hypothyoid in TCM are Yang deficinecy, it shows everything is yin strong symdrones: like heart beat slow, body temperature low or feel tired easy sleep etc., spermatorrhea is many reason can cause it, in TCM may becasue of kidney empty fire active or heart fire and kidney water not in harmony condition, somtimes kidney Qi deficinecy(not hold sperms) also can cause spermatorrhea.


I am really thankful from deep down my heart for clearing my concepts concerning entire anatomy of Vitamin D,Hypothyroidism and Spermatorrhea.It would have become too hard to understand conditions without your expertise and experience. Well Are there any herbal formulas for kidney yang and kidney Qi?.Is there any herbal formula for kidney yang and qi?


Different people has different conditions(accompanied), for hypothroid kind of kidney yang and Qi deficiency need detail diagnosis and give a speiclal raw herbal formula may be better, because this is whole body&#39s organs coordinate, not only kidney one responds. If you just buy some "Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan" or other ancient formulas may not effective.


The TCM is more on adjust body Yin Yang balance and different internal organs&#39 coordination. This is very different from Western Medicine where sick cure where, Without a detial diagnosis, I am very difficult to say anything to treat your problem. I recommend you go to your local TCM clinic to make a detial diagnosis may better. good luck!


parricardeum, Yang herbs arehot stuff ginger-Root and other hot spices.

So to hipe-up the YangQi see what organs are Yang & work those channels. Keep the gennatals cool (no laptops on lap) heat is bad for the gennatals (use cold packs? Most importently stay grounded/(yang) foot massages use lots of sweeping-down stroks. SunShine and milk 4 ur.D-Yoga-practice/stretching, lunges & get yang-jiggy w/some QiGong see: Qi Gong on You-tube this will add a character or emotional expression/(energy dialog) to the caricter to your work outs. Pericardium, Yang herbs are ginger Root and other hot stuff. So to hype-up the YangQi see what organs are Yang & work those channels. Keep the genitals cool (no laptops on lap!) heat is bad for the genitals, use cold packs? Most importantly stay grounded/(yang) foot massages use lots of sweeping-down-storks. Sun Shine lunges and Yoga-practice/stretching, & get yang-jiggy w/some QiGong see You tube, qi gong will add emotional expression to the character to your work out and energies.

Shen Zhen Chi Gong setting exercises:

Chi works to generate energies that cleans the body and calm the mind.

Chi, known as the original life force, life’s essence and origin “With Chi all things grow, with-out Chi all things dye.”* sounds to me like you need to become more active QiGong will make working out lots of fun for you! Good luck.. getting busy!


Thanks for giving me a real insight about yin and yang energy


I strongly agree that without proper diagnosis it is too hard to suggest any solution in either way.

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