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Low back pain during pregnancy


Hello! I have a patient, female, 37y.o., 23 weeks of pregnancy with low back pain, radiaated to the little toes on the lateral side of the right leg, probably due to herniated disc L5-S1. 4 month ago - pain in the r. leg “due to trombosis”, 3 month ago - uterine bleeding (threatened miscarriage). Currently she is in the bed curling with pain in the low back, radiating to the r.foot. Cannot walk, sit, band, move ect. No doctors wants to ‘deal with her’. If you have any opinion or experience with ACUPUNCTURE, MASSAGE, AURICULOTHERAPY or anything - please wellcome. Dr.B.


Acupuncture is very often used to work with sciatic pain during pregnancy (which is common). It is quite effective generally and free from side effects. I&#39m concerned, however, in answering your question because as an acupuncturist you should already know how to do this. With someone at risk for miscarriage in particular you really need to have experience in working with pregnant women to avoid complications. I would suggest you refer her to an acupuncturist with more experience in this area.

If I am incorrectly reading into your lack of experience in this area, I apologize and would ask that you provide us with what you have tried acupuncture wise first and what response if any your treatment had. This way we can have an idea of what your treatment goals were initially and provide better feedback.

As you could find this by searching the site, you will find basic guidance for the treatment of pregnancy induced sciatica on our acupuncture for 3rd trimester issues page. I offer that with the cautions listed above.

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