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Loss of Smell & Taste


A recent diagnosis of my 2-mth loss of smell and taste has been attributed to olfactory nerve damage from a (random-toxic) virus, that hit me with a respiratory infection. Medical science says that the damage is done, and that the nerve/cells will most likely not regenerate. Could acupunture be helpful to repair the damaged cells and possibly restore my sense of smell? If so, what specifically should be done?

Your advice would be so greatly appreciated. Western medicine and 3 docs have said "sorry - there's nothing more we can do."


Acupuncture would certainly be worth a try. It would most likely take at least 7-10 treatments before you would notice whether or not it is helping you. We regularly treat conditions such as Shingles and Bell's Palsy which have, in some cases, an underlying viral cause which effects the related nerve(s) in a similar way. Your doctors are largely correct in that if the damage is extensive it may not regenerate, but it's hard to know exactly the extent to which damage has happened, so I would at least try...


I've treated a person with Anosmia and a parcial (gran part) loss of taste with Du23, Du24, Li20 on both sides, a.w.a. Li19 both sides and after several treatments there was a noticeable recovery in the ability to distinguishsmells and tastes that still endure..., so I too suggest that you try acupunctute....


Thank you both for your thoughtful comments. I actually participated in my first acupuncture session today, and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. Since it was the first time, I have not noticed any improvements, of course, but the acupuncturist and I have outlined a plan of at least 4 times to see if there is any improvements. I feel confident that this will be an effective treatment. Any suggestions on "other" treatments and/or supplements that would be beneficial. I feel like nerves can regenerate if the body is optimized.

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