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Loosing energy when holding acupressure points


Hi, I have problem that I cant figure out. Each time I touch/press some acupressure points there comes loss of energy/qi through fingers with which I am pressing point. I feel like as if I was sucking loosing the energy from my own body through point and than I feel, I lately felt heat in my fingers and hands. I dont understand why I always end with loosing qi. Only points where I dont lose energy I think are points which are lower than knees or something like that. This problem arisen when I was holding some acupressure points mainly on head area and I felt heat and energy exiting through my fingers, by this acupressure is starting to be unusable even harming. Are there in TCM cases like this, is there some solution for strange case like this? Thanks for answering.


First are you noticing this when working on yourself, or on others, or both?


I feel it when I am working on myself. I am not sure whether it happens also when I am working with others I try to avoid it.


Why do you interpret energy coming out of your fingers as being a loss from your body?

What sensations do you experience at the acupressure point?

I was trained to feel whether there was a dent or a swelling at an acupressure point, then treat it according to that condition.

When practicing Reiki, energy leaves my hands all the time, as the client connects with me and takes it into their aura or body physical. I do not experience any loss myself, no physical sensations of weakness or shallow breathing. I feel heat, cold, pulsing, tingling, nothing, deepness, density, all kinds of things during this "charging of the battery."

I am wondering whether there is a Reiki practitioner or Qigong healer in your neighborhood so to "show and tell" what is going on with you. Exchanging information with more experienced people will help you interpret and understand some of these natural processes.


I think I know how you uderstood my post. And I know what you mean by thet exiting energy throught fingers is by no means loosing energy, but that is not what I meant.

Problem is in direction of energy, in your case your energy is coming from inside fingers or palms outside so direction is from inside to out. But when I was holding neurovascular points on head the energy from my head came inside my fingers that means I short-circuited myself like electricity (sorry dont know how to explain it) - energy came from outside head to inside of my other meridians (into fingers) and now the energy in meridians is somehow short-circuited. Sometimes I try to imagine and push energy from inside my fingers back to outward direction flow but it is not helping very much. And that is true that I never heared of anyone having problem with acupressure like me.

I also think that vortices on my acupressure points on tips of fingers are turning in wrong direction- i literaly can feel like they are sucking energy to themself but there is no energy to take- really this is hard to explain.

In past I was to healers with this problem but they had no idea and never met with something like that I think that I am on of very few unlucky if not only one.


Whenever people have a problem like you describe our general answer is to tell them to:

1) Stop trying to "fix" it - this is the first and foremost rule.

2) Stop all training, self-treatment, qi gong practice, etc. and do only walking and/or light cardio exercise and simple meditation (standing or sitting) for no more than 2 short sessions daily (no more than 30 minutes at a time) - sometimes this will need to be done 3-6 months and sometimes for a year or more.

3) If you have an acupuncturist nearby, simply grounding treatments may be helpful along with the above tactics.

Generally given enough time the energy will correct itself - but -not- by trying to make it happen. It happens by letting everything calm down, balance and then function in a natural order all in its own due time. I cannot repeat this enough but in my experience you will not correct this by focusing on it or trying to override what is happening.


Now I understand what is happening to you.

Chad&#39s advice is good.

This upset in the human energy system has only happened to me twice in my life. I was scrambled good.

Both times, I went to Qigong Master Healers who were bigger and better than me and got my energy realigned., My local guy is in eastern NC. I don&#39t know where you are.

Presently, I know of one healer who does this type of work long distance, over the phone, if there is no one in your neighborhood. Private message me, if that&#39s an option here, and I can give her number.


Ok, thank you for your advice. I think that it is very reasonable answer you gave me. I will withdraw all my attemps to fix myself and that is true, that the more I tryed to help me I messed myself more. I think that my energy and the way how i funcion is very sensitive and I shouldnt "talk into it" in such strong way as is acupressure and other similar modalities only mild ones, like diet and walking, exercising. Happy though, that it is working for you guys.

I am from Europe so I dont have so much possibilities here, so I will stick to just calming everything down.

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