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Looking to work with a medical doctor



I would love to work with a medical doctor as a part of his/her practice. I have noticed a lot of neurologist and even dermatologist have acupuncturist located within their practice. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice as to how I might approach looking for this type of a position. Should I call up doctors and present the idea?? Wondering if anyone on here works with a medical doctor and how did you get the position?
Thank you!


If you don't already have relationships with some medical doctors/facilities, I would probably start by offering to give presentations about acupuncture and your services to their staff meetings. The presentations should be short, to the point, and offer as much clinical research as possible. Many physicians would be hesitant about allowing someone to be so closely affiliated with their practice (outside of any legal issues it may raise) in part due to their general lack of understanding of acupuncture and, perhaps more importantly, not really knowing you or your clinical success rates.

From my perspective it is better to build up a network of relationships with area orthopaedics, neurologists, rheumatologists, etc. Speciality areas where acupuncture has a lot to offer patients. By building a network of referrals you are also able to reach more patients with a broader range of conditions instead of working in just one particular office.


Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it. Can you offer any advice on where I could find some good clinical research on acupuncture that I could present to MD's.


You can see my reply regarding research, etc. on this page.



I am a MD and have found that the following specialties are good to approach with acupuncture and the promise of some sort of relief as Chad stated above:

1. Neurologists- Many have told me thray don't know what to do with chronic pain patients

2. Physiatrists. ( Rehab Docs) i work with one.

3. Geriatricians. Many old folks have Diabetes and neuropathies and can benefit from Acupuncture

Also, try subletting from one of the above or a group.Then you can get referals. I know 2 or 3 who can't treat any more referrals as they areb sooo busy. One of my acupuncture instructors at Harvard Medical School school did this.

Good luck,



Write each MD a letter, explaining how you can help with pain control as a starter and relieve them of extra work

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