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Looking for information


I am trying to find some help and information for my wife. I hope this is the right forum to post on, and hope this there is someone who can help me out. For the last 8-9 years my wife has had medical conditions that seem to be getting worse, and all we get from traditional doctors are take more pills and see me in a month. She has suffered from chronic pain in her joints and muscles. The doctors say its fibromyalgia or maybe lupus. I dont know all they give her is more and more pills to take ranging from pain meds to antidepressants.

Along with the aches she has high blood pressure, irregular bowels, constantly hot (even though its 40 degrees outside), headaches, swelling of face and abdomen, fatigue, ocassional left arm and chest pains (not heart attacks-we had that checked out), creepy crawly feeling on head, and insomnia.

I believe there has to be something that is causing all this to happen to her. i cant believe that a women of 32 years of age can have this much going on without some explanation. we have done tests and labs and mri's and nothing shows up. I am looking for something that will help.

So my question is do you think acupuncture and eastern medicine has 'help' to offer my wife? We are at our wits end and need some help. I am trying to find anything that will help. Any input would be appreciated.


In short, yes, I would recommend seeing an acupuncturist in your area and trying at least 7-10 treatments. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as a whole generally treat patterns rather than precise conditions. So as people present with a range of symptoms that often complicate western medical diagnoses we will find relationships that allow us to form treatment plans. In other words, the symptoms that seem meaningless or disconnected in western medicine are often very related and meaningful in Chinese Medicine.

A western diagnosis is not necessary for acupuncture treatment. So even if it turns out your wife has lupus or some other auto-immune condition it is still treatable. And certainly acupuncture has quite a bit to offer for auto-immune conditions and other poorly understood conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. This again is because we treat the person, not the condition. As people's experience of these conditions is unique, so must be their treatment. Chinese Medicine, thankfully, is flexible enough to work with nearly any condition or range of conditions.


Thank You for your response. i did some research yesterday aswell on this. But your response has givin me some hope, since this is something new to me. and it makes sense what you have said.

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