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Looking for acupuncture without needles


Hello. I hope someone can help me. My wife has terrible acute chronic lower back pain, for 8 months now. All conventional medical treatment has thus far failed her. What has worked was some acupuncture WITHOUT needles that she had down in Puerto Rico a month ago. It worked wonders. It not only took away her pain for a while, it allowed her to skip her powerful narcotic pain medicine at times. We live in Maryland though, and haven't found yet any doctor/acupuncturist who does the same kind of acupuncture. It was using the Accu-O-Matic SP Series machine wherein the doctor would use a wand and apply pressure to various points on my wife's hands, legs, and feet, while my wife held a metal cylinder in one hand. He also used a Pointoselect Digital handheld device on her ears and head.

Does anyone know of someone in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or Virginia who performs this kind of acupuncture/acupressure?

Thank you very much.


I cannot really answer your question specifically about practitioners in that area. That said, has your wife actually tried "real" acupuncture? Most pain cases, even complicated ones, approach being near trivial to treat when the practitioner is a fully trained acupuncturist, has a clear diagnosis and proper treatment methods are used.

Acupuncture with those devices is quite simply not acupuncture and while it may or may not be effective I certainly wouldn&#39t feel like you have to drive hundreds of miles to obtain treatment that you could most likely get next door.

If you want to write me privately I can send you a name of a good practitioner in gaithersburg - if that happens to be near you. If he is not near you he might be able to recommend someone.


It&#39s been my experience that acupressure actually causes the patient MORE discomfort than using needles. In order to get the same amount of stimulation that you would get by inserting a needle to the proper depth, the practitioner has to put a lot more pressure on the point, as well as more stimulation. Also, the finger is just not as precise as a needle, and some points are very close to other points that may not need attention. The average acupuncture needle is around ten sizes thinner than the thinnest needle used in hospitals.

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