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Looking for acupuncture protocol for kidney stone


a 32 year old male with a chronic condition of kidney stones. throughout his life had stones in his urine countless times. never had his condition/stones diagnosed.

today, he has a stone one and a half centimeter in size in his left kidney, and he is one step away from getting it removed by operation. (non of the western treatments such as shock waves could minimize the stone)

i'm looking for a good acupuncture protocol that can help this condition, and even prevent the operation.

would appreciate any tip or advice on the matter.


I just posted our treatment protocol for Kidney Stones which you should find helpful. It&#39s actually quite basic, but it works well. I very often use Li Niao Pai Shi Wan particularly in recurrent cases and/or in larger stones, it works quite well.


In Chinese medicine acupuncture points and herbs ought to be selected based on a proper diagnosis. There are multiple reasons in Chinese medicine for a person to develop kidney stones. If the diagnosis is incorect and the wrong points or wrong herbs are selected, there is a chance to do more harm than good (like dislodging the stone(s) and having it block one (or both) ureter(s)). Many practitioners I know more frequently employ herbs for stones (gall or kidney) rather than acupuncture.

Anyway, the best thing for him to do is get a proper Chinese medicine diagnosis by someone qualified to do so. This qualified person should work in conjunction with someone trained in modern allopathic diagnositic techniques to see if the stone reduces in size and to make sure the stone doesn&#39t obstruct a ureter.


Hello Mr Dupuis,

Regarding the suggested treatment protocol, are all suggested points done at the same time?Even

the secondary points?

thanking you in advance for your prompt response


Generally we would do the protocol as follows. First deep tuina in ST 10/11/12 area and along the sides of the neck, then have the patient lay down. Then needle all points bilaterally, generally including some standard TCM points for their underlying diagnosis - i.e. KD 6 for yin deficiency, for example. Needles are retained for ~25 minutes, then deep tuina in the KD area - huatuo of L2.


Thank you very much,your response was very prompt and informative. I was slightly confused with needling the ST11 and the Huatuo L2 points. Just to make sure I understand,no needle at the huatuo L2 point,just deep Tuina?


No - you definitely needle the huatuo at L2 (and do tuina later). It&#39s the ST 10/11/12 area that is generally best just with tuina - the idea here is to stimulate/regulate the vagus nerve...

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