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Looking for a job


Hi I'm Sheryl,

I am looking for an opportunity to practice acupuncture. I am licensed in Arizona, Arkansas , and Florida.I am also a registered nurse. My area of expertise is pain medicine but I have had a good deal of experence in facial cosmetic acupuncture. Has anyone any suggestions?


As you may already know, the vast majority of acupuncturists work in private practice. This is slowly changing, but it is the way things are right now. So, your best option is to open your own practice. There are ways to minimize the expense and commitments to this - as it can be quite involved and that may be why you are looking for a position.

If you are interested in pain management, your best bet would be to ask around local Chiropractic offices to see if you might be able to establish a relationship with them. Sometimes you can just rent a room within one of their offices and work loosely with them for relatively low rental fees or a percentage of your patient income. This type of relationship is a good one to get started and then if your practice grows you can consider a larger space. Other types of established practitioners are worth consulting with as well (acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapy, etc.)

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