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Looking for a Formaula


Hello , I am new to this Forum and not sure if this is the right place to post the question. If someone here can kindly help that will be great. I am looking for a formala that I can buy that has the following ingredients....

Sha Za

Zhi Shi

He Ye

Bai Zhu

Xiao Hui Xiang

Jue Ming Zi

Da Huang

Lai fu zi

Lu cha

Huang Qi


dang gui-Tankuei


Shan Za & Lai fu zi is for digest food, Zhi shi & da huang is for constipation, Dang Gui & Huang Qi is for Tonify Qi and Blood, Jue Ming Zi & He Ye is for cool down the heat. This formuls is a raw herb formula, there is not a herb pills formula same as this one.


Thank you so much for the response. If I have to get this how is it possible to get this mix ? Is there a method or a standard proportion that you can mix this in ?

Thanks again.



You just go to the herb store give them the formula, they will mix the herbs together for you, and they will tell you how to cook it, even cook it for you.

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