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Long term neck pain & occipital pain


Female patient 50 years old. Menopause a few years ago.

Main complain: occipital headache & neck pain for about 2 years, which make her feel tired most of the time. Shes very stressed and worries most of the time, due to work. Shes self employed. Does lots of gardening and cooking at home too. Lately, she has observed that, the neck pain comes up when she's stressed. sweat at night, but feet&hands are cold in general. Pale in complexion.

I have seen her 3-4 times now for acupuncture. But the first two times were once a week, then the second two were a week in between.

Pulses: Kidneys weakest. St/sp slippery&strongest. Liver wiry. Normal rate, weak/fine.

Tongue: pink - pale in body, not swollen, slight coating.

Diagnosis: Local qi & blood stag. Blood xu. Kidney yin & yang def. Sp qi xu

Treatment Principal: Move/clear qi&blood locally. nourish blood. tonify kid yin&yang. tonify sp

Points: GB20, Si3, Li4 (applied luozen as accupressure first treatment) no progress.

St 36 & Sp 6

Kid 3

Kid6 & Lu7

I am not sure if my principal is correct please? but she hasnt improved on her neck pain. Her night sweat has reduced though!

Could i ask for your advises please?


Your treatment principle is probably not as succinct as it should be. KD yang, SP yang, Blood Def and KD Yin is a pretty complex diagnosis overall. It appears though that one of her main complaints, the night sweats, is improving so that is fine.

For the neck pain I would use SI 3 w/UB 62 (and SI 3 w/HT 6 for the night sweats as well). I would also use more upper thoracic needling, perhaps points such as SI 13 as well to help release the muscles up to the neck. You should also do tuina in the neck area and/or cupping on the upper back whichever is appropriate and you are trained in.


Best Point combination for Night Sweats is H6 + Si 3 - H 6 is Xicleft Point of H , Stabilises Yin of H and Thus Relieves Stress Induced Symptoms . Si 3 is the Wood Point , Communicates with Du and thus Dispells Wind Heat Disorders , Relaxes Muscles , Opens up the Meridians , Uncloggs Du and Clears conciousness .

Classical Point for Occipital headache is Du 15 . it Communicates with Yang Ascending , Stabilises and Regulates Qi of Liv and H , Checks Heat , Relieves Spasms and Clears Senses . Du 16 and Du 17 will also be helpful as they communicate with Yang Ascending as well as UB


Dear all,

Thank you for your comments and advises!

Kind Regards,

Thanh Ton

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