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Loging on to view live tues and recorded tong ren videos


having trouble accessing tong ren tues live or recorded vidoes. i created a gmail and google+ account. i go back to diferent recorded tong ren eveing sessions and cant view any?


Sorry for the trouble, I’ll try to explain how that system works.

Lately we have been starting the classes late due to my busy clinic schedule, so there are a few that haven’t been recorded. Long story short, when it is live, it will show up.

But just because there is an event that is posted for that day/time - doesn’t mean it is actually live - if you click on it before we start (or if we don’t record for whatever reason) it will show nothing.

Our next live tuesday night class will be January 5th and we’ve moved the start time back to 6:15pm - and the plan is to be on time from that point forward.

As for recorded classes again, if you looking through our google plus page and click on an event if there is an image behind the play button (like us doing qi gong or something - it’s randomly selected by google) then it will play, if it’s just our standard background image - it’s a non-recorded event and won’t play. Example of one that will play (note live snapshot as background) -

Example of one that won’t play because it wasn’t recorded (will eventually get deleted):

I will try to clean up all the non-recorded events to avoid this problem as time permits. And I’m still considering going back to our old system which was arguably easier to use - although expensive and time consuming to offer…


Oh you are the man. Thx. Trouble seeing up Google+ to but with keep at it.
My focus is to learn and Tx self breast cancer.
I’d the way I can read title of foused tong ren Tx in that specific video oi can find breast cancer ren points? What’s the best way to learn tong ren too?


How To Learn Tong Ren Therapy


Tong Ren Therapy for Breast Cancer

you may find the “healing cancer with the nervous system” book helpful to get you started. It contains some updated information and more theoretical details.


Can’t seem to get where recorded videos are. Poo. Trying to receive video


Not sure where you are looking, but here are the steps with pictures to hopefully make it clearer. And, note, you don’t need a google account to view these - only to enter the question/answer section during the live broadcasts where you can submit your healing requests. General info on the live broadcasts is here.

  1. Go to our google+ page.

  2. Look for an event - in the picture below you would be clicking where it says "TUESDAY CLASS: Tong Ren Therapy, …

  1. Then you are on the page for that event - it was recorded, so you see a snapshot of one part of the event (me doing qigong in the pic below) - then just click on the play button in the middle. Technically these are recorded as youtube videos - so watching is no different than any other youtube video.

If you can’t see the videos, then you probably have some sort of ad blocking software or a really old web browser or something. Download google chrome if you need to for your computer and use that and all should be well.


Can’t seem to get where recorded videos are. Poo. Trying to receive video

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