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Location of Kidney 1


Hello all

I'm new to the forum and was wondering if anyone would answer what might seem a very simple question.
Why is it acupuncture and reflexology seem to differ in the location of kidney one. Reflexologists say that the point
is in the middle of the sole where as acupuncturists say the point is further up the foot. More importantly i guess is who
is right?



Reflexology and acupressure/acupuncture are two entirely different systems. The Kidney area in reflexology is closer to the middle of the foot, but this is different than using a specific meridian point within an acupressure treatment. There appears to be some reflexologists who use the (KD) Kidney 1 point but that is akin to using acupressure within a reflexology treatment and the location would be the same. The point is where it is indicated on my site KD 1.

There certainly are some variabilities within different systems of acupuncture (Japanese, 5 Element, and TCM, for example) with regards to point location. But KD 1 is generally agreed upon within both acupuncture and martial arts/qi gong theory. Reflexology, however, is not part of Chinese Medical theory and uses organ correspondences not specific points within a diagnostic and procedural framework like acupuncture does.

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