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Location Extra Points Qing Yin & Qi Yin- Thyroid Disorder


I am treating some hypothyroid disorders and came across an article referencing these two extra points nearby Ren 22.

I cannot seem to find a proper location for either of these and wonder if anyone on this forum could offer some direction. I am aware of the other relevant points to be using however would like to include these local points.

Thanks very much for any direction in advance.


If you could, please copy and paste the relevant part of any articles where those points are mentioned. I’ve read the one article you mentioned previously and I couldn’t find in it anywhere those points mentioned.


According to Modern Clinic Necessities for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, acupuncture therapy could resolve the symptoms in 25% of patients. Recommended needling points included pingyin and qiyin (near CV22) as primary points reference article


Well I would ask the owners of their site to be sure (you can email them at the bottom of their main page), but my guess is that they are talking about the points referenced on another article about throat disorders on their site (scroll down near the bottom of the article to see the face/throat pic). There is a pairing of extra points collectively called “Yan Si Xue” and individually they are Zengyin and Qiangyin. They are in the vicinity of points that may be helpful for thyroid issues.

If you do get a definitive answer from them, please update the post so others can benefit.

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