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Localization of back-shu points


As the back shu points are among very important acupoints, but their precise localization is sometimes difficult. Are there any suggestions to precisely and practically locate BL back-shu points ?
(For example, using iliac crest to locate BL23)


The most precise way is to use a few anatomical landmarks and then count the individual vertebrae (which is of course more difficult on heavier patients). We have a chart for all of the bladder points that you might find helpful. The anatomical landmarks to use are the top of the illiac crest which is L4, the bottom of the scapula which is generally T7, and the shoulder line which is C7 (GV 14) which generally sticks out a small amount. From those points you need to count.


Sometimes it is really impossible to precisely locate your mentioned anatomical landmarks (and even counting vertebrae). Other localization abilities and experiences related to BL back-shu points would be highly welcomed.

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