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Liver, Spleen, Kidney deficiencies


Excuse me for a little to long of a story, but to get a better understanding of my case I’ll give some description so you can see the sequence of my issues.

First - I was 15,16 years old, I could not tolerate alcohol ( I puked, while my peers did ok), then I overcame puking more or less, I really don’t know the explanation in TCM for it, something with the liver I guess

Secondly, at 18,19 I continued abusing alcohol while adding some recreational drugs, in matter of year I developed ED, in TCM I believe it should be called damp spleen.

Third, at 23 years of age, while still abusing alcohol and recreational drugs, I lost my good sleep, it became shallow, got digestive issues, a tendency for getting cold extremities, low energy, cloudy thinking, frequent urination. - kidney yang deficiency and overall dampness. Stomach and spleen area of my tongue has a thick coating and I have bumps on the back of my tongue - which I believe are Candida yeast overgrowth.

The conventional docs are useless and I’ve been self healing with food for 3 years now as I didn’t know where to go, whom to reach until when I found TCM and went abroad and visited a good TCM internal medicine specialist he made a herbal combination which totally had great results on me (my tongue cleared out in a matter of days(the bumps on the back tongue did not reside totally though), energy was high, erection was great)

A week later I was celebrating birthday where I drank half bottle red wine and puffed some marihuana - and all the symptoms came back, it was devastating.

Right now I’ve been visiting my TCM doc abroad and the formulas don’t have much effect (although they have been altered to some point)

Wanted to have your opinion on this? How do you see it? Has the yeast adapted? Maybe I should take a break without any TCM herbal preparations for some time? What is the underlying symptom that should be addressed first?

P.S. I’ve been doing accupuncture courses frequently, I eat mainly hearty vegetable soups, some meat, eggs, all food organic, and I totally won’t drink or smoke anything until I get totally healthy.


Have you been tested for candida? Bumps on the back of the tongue are actually for the most part normal. A thick, greasy white coat is usually going to be present with candida.

In terms of the formulas not working the same, that’s pretty normal. In reality you’re not exactly the same as you were before, various stresses and lifestyle factors, however small, add up. It would be hard to have true kidney yang deficiency at 23 years old, even given your alcohol and drug use.


When you say… [quote=“edber, post:1, topic:5578”]
and the formulas don’t have much effect

For us to be able to offer any type of feedback we would need to know what is contained in those formulas - or if they are standard what the formula name(s) are. That along with the format and dosages.


So the formula does not work anymore. Ok.

Is it possible to wait out for a certain period of time to let the body clear it’s memory of formula and then again use the same formula once again?


Possibly, but again, talking about generalities and not knowing the specifics of what you are taking is not going to help you very much…


The way TCM herbal therapy works is not by matching a formula for any particular symptom(s) but for the underlying imbalance that is creating those symptoms. So even though you might be experiencing the same symptom(s), the imbalance(s) could have changed in which case the formula that was matched to prior imbalance(s) is not going to work.


Hi guys, I’m back with info.

So, the first herbal combination was made of:

YinChen, Zhizi, DaHuang, CangZhu, HouPo, ChenPi, GanCao - was sweating like crazy at night, changing t-shirts and had immediate results.
Then as I previously mentioned (I thought to myself I can’t be stopped anymore) and drank some wine and puffed a joint one night and from then on everything went back.

Later I contacted my TCM doc, visited him a few times and over the course of those mostly unsuccessful visits he gave me very similar formulas (keeping the same herbs from the first one) only adding some like: HuangQi, HuangBo, ChaiHu, ShaRen, DaZao

I did my own research and come up that ultimately my condition wasn’t just damp, it was/is Damp Cold Phlegm with Spleen Yang deficiency and Kidney Yang deficiency symptoms. None of the herbs in the combinations were for Cold Phlegm, most of them were Dampness and Spleen. And as I understand it, Phlegm has gotten thicker and the above mentioned herbs are not enough for solving the case.

My main symptoms for now are:
mucus/sputum coming up from stomach
tendency towards cold limbs
abdominal distention
Stuffiness in the chest, can’t breathe in completely
Mild headaches
Premature graying of hair (my eyebrows are changing color when I take antioxidants like fresh fruit, vegetables)
Light sleep
More frequent urination
Unstable emotions

A good one I came up with for solving Cold Phlegm: Qingshi Huatan Tang, but with a Kidney yang tonic like (he shou wu for the premature graying) and adding some of the previously mentioned Dampness drying herbs.

How would you guys address this? What formulation would you advise?

P.S. I’d like to clarify I’m 30, good body weight


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