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Liver rain



Can you please give me any information on a "liver rain" diagnosis? My then 2 year old daughter caught the attention of my acupuncturist who examined her and told me she had liver rain. My acupuncturist saw a blue vein on her nosebridge and I confirmed her suspicions of her being on an emotional roller coaster and has a hard time concentrating/paying attention. My acupuncturist taught me a massage I am to do on my daughter 5x/day, and focusing exercises, but I have to admit I haven't been doing them. "Later" she would be old enough to take herbs. She is now 4 and I've had this in the back of my mind since then. Would it be correct to say that this would be ADD/ADHD is western medical terms? My acupuncturist has a hard time with the English language and I feel that she had more she wanted to convey than what she could tell me.

I've asked around and searched the internet but have only come across "liver fire" as the closest match - could his be correct? I'm specifically looking for dietary recommendations, but all/any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,



Hello Tammy,

Personally I have not heard of liver raining - the chinese word for fire can also mean flaming, however, so maybe it was something along those lines? Either way, add/adhd is often (but not necessarily) a type of liver imbalance from Chinese terms. There is another "diagnosis" called phlegm misting the mind, so perhaps she meant some kind of combination of the two. It's hard to tell. What was the massage she told you to do? Knowing that might actually help to explain what she was working towards...

If your daughter is having emotional/behavioral issues 4 is certainly young enough to treat her and it's usually easier to start earlier rather than later. We regularly treat infants and have many children from 2 on up to teenagers. I would consider having her see someone if you feel she is having issues that warrant it. In the absence of this we very often use a pearl powder lozenge in children for add/adhd symptoms (among other things) which is extremely safe and very easy to use.

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