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Liver Qi Stagnation, spleen Qi xu


I am having a hard time treating these patterns on myself. I have been using Xiao Yao San and Gui Pi, but not really having any real relief from abdominal dissension, which gets really bad after I eat. Any suggestions? Herbal formulas or points welcome:)

Thanks in advance!


To start, why are you trying to treat yourself? Are you a practitioner - if not, what are you basing your diagnosis on? Generally, if you are not getting results your diagnosis is wrong and/or your choice or dose of herbal formulas is inappropriate.


Hi Chad,

To answer your question, I am a student in my first year. The herbal formulas I have been taking on my own, but I have been working with a licensed practitioner for acupuncture treatment. (Probably not as often as I should due to schedule conflicts). I really appreciate any suggestions…this hypochondriac distension is extremely bothersome (no pain).

With thanks,



From above - “if not, what are you basing your diagnosis on?” In other words, what criteria did you use to choose those formulas? And what dose are you on? And for how long with no results? How much acupuncture have you done and what response, if any, have you had - even if it was short lived?


A few quick and very easy things you can try. First, make sure to chew slowly and thoroughly. Second, do not drink cold liquids with your meals. In fact it would be ideal not to drink at all, wait 20-30 minutes after eating. Third, do not mix high amounts of proteins and carbs in the same meal - choose one or the other. Finally do not eat sugars (i.e. fruit, desserts) after meals.

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