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Liver Fire


I have been suffering for a couple years with these systoms simliar to Liver Fire. I had symptons similiar to Crohns but I do not have crohns. I get severe bloating and Cramping if I eat many foods. I also get these allergic reactions where There is like a fire in my throat and then my ears ring and for hours I feel all foggy and dizzy after eatting. I am always constipated. I am down to about ten foods that don't react to me when I eat them. I heard Liver emzymes can be messed up and give you the same sensations as food allgeries. anyone out there had similiar symptoms?


Have you tried acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbal Medicine from a properly trained practitioner? If not, I would suggest you see someone locally. The types of issues you are writing about are both fairly common and very treatable with Chinese Medicine.

Proper treatment, requires proper diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine viewpoint. With your mix of symptoms you will only get proper treatment from a local practitioner who has the benefit of examing and questioning you.

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