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Liver Fire, Anxiety and Diet


I would like to ask your opinion on something Stephen, and I know this is your opinion. As I believe you know I have many emotional problems myself too. Can bad anxiety/panic be caused by liver fire rising? And then it moves up to heart fire blazing? Sometimes if I can take care of this a bit (herbs) I feel a little better and you know I become pretty tired. I just feel like laying down and going to sleep. Anxiety and altering anxiety can make you sometimes down right tired. Is liver fire from a greasy diet? My diet is too much burgers and pop I can say that. I need something else. Cheers

Severe health anxiety
Severe health anxiety

I’ve been bed fast before with panic and anxiety I know what it can do. And exercise is a good suggestion. IMO for anything :slight_smile: The meds can get a bit overwhelming too.


Liver fire usually manifests as more irritability and propensity for anger. Think of explosive abusive alcoholic as a stereotype of liver fire. Heart fire would be a more likely cause for anxiety and panic. And certainly diet will be a role in both conditions, burgers aren’t great but the pop is almost certainly going to be fuel for either fire.


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