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Liver deficiency


Dear dr, my son aged 2, is frequently attacked by cold, followed by cough and wheezing. He is currently on Homoeo treatment. his Homoeo physician says his Liver is week, and so the digestion, which attacks his lungs later… his weight remains 10 for the past 1year… He is sensitive to sour food and cold. He is active, adament , aggressive and more prone to anger. Does acupressure on Liv 1, helps him? Please suggest…


For acupressure .... No LV 1 would probably not be very helpful - it&#39s far too strong for his condition. I would focus on more tonifying points such as acupressure at SP6, ST 36, some light abdominal massage from CV 15 down through CV 8 working in small clockwise movements staying longer at CV 15 and CV 12 in particular.


Thank you doctor

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