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Liver Cirrhosis


Thanks for the good work you people are doing. More greese to your elbow. Please can I know Acupuncture treatment protocol for Liver Cirrhosis. Thanks again for everything.


Within the Tam Healing System that I primarily use we focus on the following areas for Cirrhosis:

<li>Huatuo of T9 (on the right side) - all liver issues</li>
<li>ST 11 - open common carotid artery, effect circulation to and from head</li>
<li>ST 21 (on the right side) - effect middle warmer</li>
<li>LI 17 - similar to ST 11</li>
<li>And Often Use</li>
<li>TH 16 - Sky Window point</li>
<li>GB 34</li>
<li>LV 3</li>
<li>The "ashi" your any areas where the patient experiences pain, specifically around the liver</li>
<li>Other points as necessary according to standard TCM patterns</li>

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