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Liu Wei Huang Wan during menses

I can’t seem to find information anywhere regarding this. Can I take these pills during my monthly period? I know it is not advisable to take during a cold/flu or while pregnant, so I thought best to ask. Thanks!

These are really questions for your practitioner who is more familiar with your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms and why they chose to use liu wei di huang wan (or any other formula). Even when formulas have precautions or contraindications in the right circumstances they can still be used so there are few hard rules in Chinese Medicine from a practitioner standpoint. That said, generally speaking liu wei di huang wan and really any of the formulas from the “tonify the yin” functional category are in most cases fine to take during menstruation.

Again, generally speaking, you avoid or use cautiously formulas from categories such as those form the “invigorate the blood” category among others. But, again, even those could be used under the right circumstances.

We often recommend that unless the formula is there to help aspects of menstruation that people don’t take any formulas just for the first couple days of their cycle, simply to allow the body to do its work without interruption or confusion.

Thank you. I will take this into account while taking Liu Wei Huang Wan. Actually I’m not working with a practitioner at the moment and the LWHW was kindly suggested by you for the horrible hot flashes I experienced for a year after a bleeding and birth control mishap, further aggravated by drying moxibustion.

I suspect I have been suffering from something called “impairment of yin affecting yang” + blood stasis/qi deficiency. This is because I withdrew from short term benzodiazapines and it caused a rapid decline in health where all my bodily functions started to fail for 6 years. I was cold as stone and couldn’t warm up. It only improved minimally until I encountered the birth control mishap and it reversed my condition causing hot flashes. Though it was only hot flashes up and down spine while I maintained freezing hands and feet at times. I know I must focus on expelling heat at the moment but would I need to focus on the yang energy also at this point?

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