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Lichen planus labia,


Hi i have this condition, and am taking CTM herbs for some time, which has helped enormously. Western medicine has nothing to offer. Has anyone any further ideas on managing this condition.?


I think I would start by clarifying what “helped enormously” means - in other words, if you are being helped what is left to treat? How long have you been using Chinese herbal medicine - what are you taking and at what dose?

Generally speaking with all of these inflammatory conditions you want to adjust your diet to limit as many as possible inflammatory foods - this includes dairy, sugar, raw foods, etc.


I no longer feel a constant ichyness like thrush. I now am quite comfortable in my female parts, i am taking a blend of various chinese herbs, 2 x spoons twice a day. I am told my yin is very low?? So i am open to further suggestions. Western medicine have no help at all except a tube of cortisone cream.
Thank you for your reply.


Without knowing what herbs you are currently taking or for how long you have been taking them I can’t offer anything else.


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