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Li4 noktasına hangi boyutlarda iğne kullanmalıyım


li 4 noktasına hangi boyutlarda iğne kullanmalıyım


I’m not sure I understand the question through the translation. Information about hegu is on our LI 4 acupuncture point page. If you are asking where exactly to needle it - as there are some differing opinions on this, I needle closer to the joint than to the middle of the metacarpal.


Li 4 “In which dimensions should I use the needle”? translated from Turkish, not sure if that is exactly correct.

I think most texts of acupuncture cover this clearly. I love this point because it is the pain anywhere point. It bring energy up the neck, around the crown of the head, and down the sinus & throat area as it heads down to the large intestine.

Many people use it for headache but needling there can be sensitive so be sure and work the point first to increase your chance of needling pain free. Often this point seems to vary, I look for where it is triggering a sensation or tension, and I needle into that area.


That’s a great way to do that, searching for the sensation before needling! Love that idea. At our class we learn the deadman way: hold the thumb against the other vingers, so you get a little “hill”. Needle the point on the li meridian (index finger side) at the height of the highest point of that hill. We also learn that this is a big point, and points expand a bit, when they are optional for needling. So you have a lot of chance that you’ll needle it right.

Greats a student


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