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Has anyone treated Leukoderma successfully? can that be shared?

I am having one patient with this problem and she has tried all possible therapies till today to treat this disorder.


Leukoderma is treatable in many cases, but the causes from a western perspective are varied. Because of this and the nature of Chinese Medicine you must back away from "leukoderma" and treat what you see. What is the patients overall tcm diagnosis? - tongue?, pulse?, other related symptoms. What else, exactly, have they tried and what changed (not whether it resolved or not which it clearly didn&#39t, but what changed, anything make it marginally better? anything make it worse?)

Generally you need to treat the patient overall, as with any condition, and offer relevant dietary and lifestyle changes to help them along. Leukoderma generally has a background of autoimmune activity which often falls under KD yin deficiency, but there are many other ways to end up with this issue. Knowing more about the patient in very exact tcm terms and knowing more about the origination and path the disease has followed along with what you are planning to try will provide us with enough information to offer some guidance.


I have treated this successfully with a combination of acupuncture points that tonify blood, si wu wan, and chinese herbal healing salve topically. this case, however, was a clear-cut example of blood deficiency. also the process was steadily progressive but slow.

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