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Leg tingling after acupuncture


Last Thursday I had acupuncture to treat my tight hip and quadricep muscles and during the treatment I remember feeling tingling pulsing sensations which I was told was a good sign.

It’s now been a few days after the appointment and I’m still getting the tingling feelings. There is no pain but when I stretch my quads or do anything that uses leg strength like stairs or squats the tingling feeling returns.

Is this a normal effect of acupuncture or is it possible I have some sort of nerve damage?

Thank you!


A mild tingling sensation can last for a few days and would be considered a normal response. It is extremely unlikely that you have nerve damage.


Thats a relief to hear! My acupuncturist who just treated me is out of town so I won’t be able to ask him but I’ve never experienced this in the past so I thought something might be wrong. Today is the 5th day since the treatment and I still feel the tingling even when I’m not moving at all.

Would it be a bad idea to get another acupuncture treatment until this feeling goes away? And should I stay away from stretching and exercise while I still feel the sensation?

Thanks for your help!


To some extent it would depend on what you were being treated for in the first place. Were you tight from exercise or some activity you were doing or was it something else. Did you have any tingling before the acupuncture? Have you worked with a trainer or other professional able to evaluate your form during weight lifting exercise?

Regardless of the above yes I would recommend you follow up with acupuncture as that can also help reduce or eliminate any remaining tingling.


Yes is was tight from exercise I started doing pilates and hip strengthening and my right side was a bit weaker so it was a lot more sore and tight than the left. Before the treatment I had no tingling symptoms at all. When I left the office I could start to feel it a bit while walking but I thought it was just a regular side effect.

I had been working with a physical therapist who goes through exercises and posture with me. I don’t do any heavy weight lifting and most exercise I do is very low impact.

Is there any diagnosis or way to to describe this problem to an acupuncturist like an irritated or nicked nerve? Or will they know what to do as long as I tell them where I feel the tingling and why it started?


Just explain to them your situation, including why you sought treatment initially and how you’ve felt since the treatment and they should be able to help you. In the mean time you should be fine to continue with light to moderate exercise.


I’ll do that thank you! I’m going to see my physical therapist first and see what they recommend and or what type of specialist I should see.


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