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Leg health, veins

Advice is needed and would be welcome , re multiple spider veins in upper legs , recently with increasing intensity of their (purple) color and size , plus recent aching of upper legs/thighs and of lower legs,
*** which meridians and organs might be implicated , and re yin or yang considerations
hopeful , Always In Thanks

By asking “which meridians might be implicated” - what is your intended purpose with that information? Acupuncture, acupressure, general knowledge.

Long story short, a list of symptoms does not lead to any conclusive information in most cases as far as a diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms. To come to that you need far more information, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, more history, palpatory diagnosis, etc. and even then the somewhat involved channels are only a small fraction of how a practitioner would devise a treatment.

For general diagnostic/treatment information I would suggest you read “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” and “how to design an acupuncture treatment”. Then after understanding the basics in those, feel free to ask more precise questions.

Thank you, chad … Answering your question, : I ask to learn acupressure points to treat the problem , and massage if pertinent

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