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Left hand numb after sleep


I had a quick nap where I lay on my back and fell asleep for about half an hour to an hour. I'm in my late twenities and experienced some sinus problems over the last couple of years apart from that I am healthy.

When I woke up I noticed that half of my left hand is numb and start to get pins and needles as I get feeling back in it. To be more exact its my pinky to ring finger and the side of the hand that feels numb.

Had a google around but can't find much on this and had a look at the reflexology chart on hands.

Anyone got any ideas?




What is your concern exactly? It&#39s a fairly common issue if you happen to compress your arm in the right way for it to go to sleep. If it&#39s not happening all the time and/or without any noticeable cause I wouldn&#39t give it another thought...


Has the numbness cleared up? If so it is likely you slept on it. It happens to me now and again. Flexing and relaxing the hand that was affected usually resolves the issue. If it doesn&#39t, then you could always get it checked out. It might be helpful to gently massage your limb moving from the shoulder down the arm and off the hand to restore circulation


Apparently the previous couple of comments have given the good explanation of your symptoms which is the sensation of pins and needles together with numbness feel could be due to placing your hand in one position. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to release your hand which can be induced by shaking to and fro. The only treatment I would like to advice is massage of Mahamash oil and Vrihat saindhavadi oil with the proper application of heat could help you much to get rid of numbness besides shaking of your hand. Not only it helps to get the proper circulation of blood but also helps to tonify your muscles. Cheers!

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