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Learning tips actions!


Hello everyone, I’m a Dutch (so sorry If I don’t use the correct words/language)student in the first year of acupuncture. So I finished the first year of basics/TCM. Now I have to learn the (deadman)actions to the points. I love it, but can’t find a way to keep reminding all of them. Epecially when they split out the actions in the exams. Example: I know Li11 is for cooling a lot of fire, skin disorders and itch, and liv5 treats plumbstone qi…but the other actions seem to dissapear to the background of my head. It seams I only remember the werd outstanding actions, and not the “more points do the same” actions, and the more meridians pass, it Gets worse…Does anyone have the great solution, tips to learn ?

Thank you, TCMstudent


There aren’t really any ways that I know of besides just rote memorization. Under each meridian page on our theory site there is for example HT Meridian Point Functions Chart. I would print those out and carry them around reading them constantly.

When in school I had a box of index cards with each points information on it and just read them over and over. The truth is you don’t need to know -every- point in detail - you need to know the main points on each meridian. So I would focus on those that end up in the major point categories.

Of course acupuncture can help memory, so I would get treatment during school and if appropriate perhaps formulas like gui pi wan and/or pearl powder, along with moxibustion on ST 36 to keep your energy up. And of course, sleep well, eat well, meditate, practice tai chi, etc. not just good to get through school but ultimately to be a good practitioner.


In all honesty you won’t need to know all the actions of every single point for your eventual clinical practice. Studying a little bit everyday is a better strategy (backed by a tremendous amount of scientific research) for learning than cramming last minute before a test.

Stress itself blocks your ability to learn so try not to stress! Good luck!


Thank you, I do see an acupuncturist regularly. We’ve had a few meridians:Lu, li, Liv, kid, per,sj, CV and gv…and most of the point groups.that means we’ve had to learn the actions and the locations of the meridians. In the beginning I could memorize it, but the more we get, the more diccult it is…until now I could manage it, but there comes a breaking point for my memorizing without forgetting the old stuff. The point categories are no problem.


Tot be a therapist maybe, but to pass the tests I need tot know at least the first 3 actions of the most points from deadman…that’s a lot! Until now I passed all the tests, but there are 6 more meridians that we’ve tot know next to the meridians we’ve learned until now by June! I know that stressing doesn’t help…(my acupuncturist herself is a teacher at our school and gave me an selfconfidence based treatment before my last test :wink: and that helped a lot tot stress less) but I thought maybe there are some mnemonics or something that could help, that’s why I asked this…to give you an idea, on the last test (a re-exam) I was the only one that passed it from our class. And in total only 10 students from 30 passed it in the regular and the re-exam together. They say that from the students that start at our school, only 5% finish it after 3 years…so it’s really a accomplishment If you van manage not to stress in that kind of situation in my opninion :wink:


Sounds like your school is pretty tough. There is no one specific way to learn more effectively. There is quite a bit of variation between individuals to regards. In broad summary some people learn better with visual aides and cues. Some do better with verbal stimulation. Some people are more inclined for tactile (touch). So for example I am visually inclined and so reading and looking at diagrams and pictures is better for my own learning than listening to audio recordings of lectures or making my own audio notes. Some people do better by combining a variety of learning aides including listening to notes, physically writing or copying over notes, while reading and studying as well. Hope that helps.


Thank you, right now I’m a teacher, so I did know about the different learning strategies

Untill now I was learning telephone nummers like: lu 11-10-9-8-5 and li 1-2-3-5-11…so the special point groups went well. But after all the responses here, I think it’s just memorizing that wil do the trick for the actions and the positioning of points. And take a lot of measurement practice on other people…so I keep on doing that. Thank you for your help.


Hi, I found an app called 'Easy Acupunture 3D (full) to be a great way for me to learn. Each day I revisit a point! Regards K


Thanks I will look at that!


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