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Law of vibration/ attraction


I have noticed that when I am at a certain vibrational frequency I attract into my life diffrent clients. For example if im meditating on being a better healer I may get clients/or passerbys who share knowledge with me unknowingly which in returns helps me grow in my practice. I may be meditating on prosperity and get a client who may come and give me an enormous tip or refer me to friends and colleagues which in return increases my business. I have honestly meditated on more selfish thoughts and again would then get clients who had devastating circumstances and caused me to take the time to feel gratitude . I would like to know have you seen this in your practices or lives?


Yes, I have experienced a lot in my life. Whenever we have a certain feeling, we are connected with this universe and have our vibration getting transmitted of our feelings. Imagine like a radio frequency, if we tune to a frequency the receiver receives that frequency waves. Similarly, like minded frequencies that are transmitted get attracted and directs towards each other. Whether it is good or bad the universal law always in action. There is a lot to be discussed related to Law of Attraction but this is totally a different topic and I think we should stick to the topics related to TCM here in this forum. If you want to understand clearly have a look at the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. They also released a short film on this book. This will give you a good understanding of "Law of Attraction".


Good observations. Thank you for sharing. While the previous commentor indicates this might be off topic, I quite disagree. For those of us practicing various forms of energy interventions, the greater self awareness we can bring to the task the more we and our clients will benefit. It is a life long practice to cultivate the necessary awareness to be mindful of one&#39s thinking and emotional state. The trick is not to become critical when we are unable to be all that we wish to be, but to be willing to make a course correction when we slip into the experience of negative emotions and forget they arise so we can transform them.

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