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Large Intestine Removed-Ulcerative Colitis


ulcerative colitis

I have a patient with ulcerative colitis and has had her Large Intestine removed. The problem for her is that she has an infection at her anus and Western medicine has not been able to resolve this. She has burning pain when she defecates and has a tendency to hot diarrhea.This leaves her in severe pain and afraid to eat.She cannot eat vegetables/fruit as this causes her diarrhea.She seems to do best with meat and potatoes.Does not do dairy.She drinks a lot of beer (which her partner told me about but she hasn't) I prescribed Calendula topically at the infection site.She eats small meals. Her tongue curves to the left and is red and thin. I gave her one treatment ST45 LI11 P7 ST44.She had loose stools for 1 1/2 days afterward. Any treatment suggestions?


Well first things first, she absolutely needs to stop drinking beer. The yeast will do her no good. No alcohol would be great, but any alcohol that is not beer will be at least somewhat better for her.

With regards to your signs - what does her tongue coating look like?

From what you&#39ve mentioned and the lifestyle factors she probably has damp heat - so you&#39ll need points ( SP 10 is one ) that clear more heat from her. LV 8 would be a good one to pull from the groin area.


Does she have pain in her calves at all? There is a divergent channel from Bl 57 to the anus.

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