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Large Calcified Gallstone



Has anybody been able to dissolve a large calcified gallstone and how?

I have one (2.8cms) which acupuncture has helped with the discomfort and I can eat well. However, I continue to have problems with associated back discomfort when I exercise.

My Chinese doctor feels there is very little that can be done - although does not advocate surgery!

Under his advice I have been drinking Gold Coin Grass tea...although I understand this is not as potent as the tincture? I have also researched Chanca Piedra and Keela Nelli....but cannot find any research where these herbals have been successful...just the sites selling the products saying that they are known as the stone breakers.

Thank you.


Our Chinese Herbal Formula section on gallstones has a couple of the formulas that -may- be appropriate for your particular case. It is important to note that the formulas are not necessarily for particular conditions/symptoms rather they are for the appropriate underlying pattern. Your practitioner should know your pattern and this can be helpful for finding the right formula.

That said, we quite often use Li Niao Pai Shi Wan - which while very useful for bladder/kidney stones, has general effects for stones anywhere in the body. Another formula which can be helpful is Qing Dan Hua Shi Wan (which we don&#39t carry because we don&#39t use it often in our clinic). Again though, your practitioner should know best.


Thanks for replying. I will discuss again with my acupuncturist/Chinese doctor...although, sadly, I do think it is going to have to be surgery.



I suggest checking out the book by Andreas Moritz titled "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush." Unfortunately I don&#39t recommend doing cleanses in the winter, they are better in spring and summer. But I have seen some amazing results with these liver/gallbladder flushes.



Thanks for posting. Yes I have this book and that is helping me to make some decisions (I hope). I see my TCM doctor on Monday - with all my research and see what is the way forwards.

Just I am being &#39advised&#39 not to flush such a large stone (2.8cms).

Andreas Moritz suggests cleanses to coincide with seasons/moon phases. I am not in a hurry as I am hopeful herbs will help reduce/dissolve the stone before a flush - which I can do in the Spring perhas.



That sounds great. I hope you and your TCM doctor find the perfect formula to address your needs and I wish you the best of luck on your journey.


Thank you for your good wishes - much appreciated.



You might contact a homeopath. These vibrational medicines have no plant material in them, therefore do not interfere with any medication or other remedies one might be taking. My mother-in-law is taking a remedy for gall stones. Her health is too fragile to risk gall bladder removal so her remedy is to help her digestive organs function with the stones, not attempt to dissolve them. She takes the remedy every 5 days, before symptoms arise. While people with gall stones have similar symptoms, homeopathy addresses the individual condition and goals for health. Good luck to you.


Thank you for posting. I am gathering all the information...will see what the TCM doctor says on Monday. Fortunately, I am able to eat reasonably well because I drink Dandelion Root coffee before meals - which helps bile flow - and also eat lots of beetroot which also helps with bile flow. So much can be done to help it seems. Hopefully I will be able to keep my gb!

Best wishes.

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