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Kydneyfunctioning and Shiatsu


I have a client who has kidney failure. One functions for 10 percent, the other one for 14 percent lately after a bladderinfection and antibiotics. She also has anemia ans is also on iron tablets. Lately she started with epo, a hormon normally produced by the kidneys. She has to inject in. She also has a drain coming from one of the kidneys and 5 times a day she has to releave herself via this drain. There is a chance of trombosis using epo I read on the internet so I had her ask her doctor who said massage is not a problem but he prefers no needles. I wonder does the doctor know what one does with Shiatsu and is there still a risk. She likes me to continue with the treatment because as stated in the other question the Shiatsu is good for the whole body although I focus on kidneyenergy using a lot of kidneypoint. Like to have some comments or ideas.


So first of all the “kidney” system has only marginal relationships to the physical kidneys. So while some of the kidney points can strengthen her body generally, that isn’t necessarily what she needs just because she has physical kidney problems. Generally you want to me far more concerned with why she has physical kidney issues and how that came to be as well as her general health issues before this happened and work from there. Her spleen system (i.e. digestion/blood/anemia/immunity, etc.) would be heavily involved as would her lung system (i.e. immunity) - along with the kidney system.

I’m not sure why the doctor would say no needles, I’m guessing the absolutely non-existent (when properly practiced by a licensed practitioner) risk of infection. Either way, that would be ideal for her, certainly compared to shiatsu.

Some gentle supportive acupressure possibly with some moxibustion would probably be best. I disagree with the doctor completely that massage would be fine. You are far too likely, unless the massage is heavily limited, to create too much movement in the body which would be likely to increase the load on the kidneys and release too much from the lymph, etc. that would put further load on her already weak system.


Thank you!!!. I find this difficult. I could take her to the director of my school but he charges 100 euro and I do not know beforehand if that is helpful. He can be quite unpredictable. She finds 100 euro too much. He would examine her, ask her questions, give me a private lesson how to go about it. Long time ago (20 years) she had cancer of the cervix, and was irradiated. Maybe because of that one of the kidneys failed.
She is a let go person and does not cooperate to the max. 20 kilo’s too much. Offers me tea with cake! I advised her a good diet for the kidneys, to be found on the internet, but if she does it is unclear, cannot check it. Her son is the cook.
Also she does not move much, clearly also because she does not have much energy. I know a acupuncturist who is very good. Do you think it is possible to uplift the kidney who is best? Recently she had a new drain but hospital let her wait for more over than a week while they knew the drain was blocked because of holidays. She thinks that is quite acceptable. I don;t but do not want too interfere too much.

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