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Ko Cycle Clarification

in “Clinical Acupuncture” Anton Jayasuriya has stipulated that the energy flow in the Ko or Destructive cycle changes (polarity) from Yang to Yin or Yin to Yang as it reaches the Target Organ, thus resulting in its “destructive activity” (revised Edition 2001), B.Jain Publishers § Ltd. Page-454 (para-2). This seems a little clumsy. Will you be kind enough to explain a little, just academically!

I would start by reading our general section on five element theory and then ask again if that doesn’t make sense.

I would recommend, however, to ask in your own words - not by quoting anothers work. This will help readers to understand what you understand, not to try to guess the context of what another author is describing.

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Dear Dr.Dupuis

Thanks for kind reply!

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