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Knee Pain


Anybody have any recommendations for generalized knee pain? I was planning on just treating Ashii points. Anything you could recommend is appreciated..



You will probably get limited response by working on just the ashi points. You would want to combine them with a more systemic approach based on an appropriate TCM pattern. For ideas you should read the acupuncture for arthritis section (regardless of the cause of knee pain) and look through the patterns and the local points listed for the knee.

We generally use tuina on the huatuo areas listed and around the knee and needle the huatuo of T7, LV 8, ashi points, huatuo of C1 (tuina only), GV 20, GB 34, and SP 9 plus points listed on their related pattern (blood stagnation, kd qi deficiency, etc.). LV 8 is one of our favorite points for knee problems of any nature - it should be needled somewhat deeply to be most effective.


First needling special points Heding and Xiyan with heat lamp on the knee 20 minutes, then tuina the whole knee with herb wine, then use chinese medicine patches put on special points: Heding, Xiyan, and UB40 at least 8 hours. 7 days a treatment term.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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