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Knee pain synptom


I am wondering if someone might have an idea or suggestion here. I am having right knee main as a condition. IDK if it’s joint or tendon. It is internal I believe, more than external dampness, a deficiency and yin. What exactly would that be ? it’s really started hurting me since Spring began. And what do we have here in Spring? Liver, tendons; all in the Spring too. Does anyone have any Ideas ?

Happy Spring and Easter to everyone ! Or Passover !


Acupuncture is generally very good at all types of pain and knee pain is certainly one of the issues that is commonly treated. Should you receive treatment, your practitioner would first come to a deeper diagnosis of the issue (your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms) and then treat that.

Many of the possible patterns (even when it is not technically arthritis) will be found on our acupuncture for arthritis page - which has the most common patterns and related points as well as points for specific areas such as the knees.


One of my first patients in acupuncture school was bone on bone on the knees. We simply worked on the knee points surrounding the knee and in three months with 2 visits a week they were back to playing baseball. No special knowledge at that time of trauma relief, I found that if I worked (in our case needled) the points that were tender to the touch – the knees got better. I also worked them with some passive range of motion, vibratory pulls, and rubbed various hot lotions / compresses of heat into those areas that were sore. Ever since then I’ve repeated that many times so I’d say you’d be in good hands to find an acupuncturist.


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